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"It takes more than a good idea to be a true entrepreneur" Boris TEFO, CEO & Founder.
At the HUB101, we BUILD and help entrepreneurs BUILD high-growth, innovative, scalable businesses.

Venture Lab : Invent & Launch

Our goal is to generate breakthrough ventures, companies aiming to solve global challenges, disrupt large markets and shape better future for the world.

The HUB101 is where talented entrepreneurs get help bringing their innovations to market. We apply a unique combination of mentoring, partnering, and connecting to turn great ideas into globally competitive businesses. Just like our fellow entrepreneurs, we built or operate in-house projects.

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Venture Capital : Finance & Realize

Although we are not a fund, we make small seed investments in companies that will make our network stronger. We love betas / prototypes, not so much decks or business plans.

However, in addition to our proprietary deal flow through Venture Lab, we identify investment opportunities in newly started ventures. We invest our time and money in what we believe matters, to help skilled entrepreneurs build and grow companies that can change the world, while offering the potential for extraordinary investment returns.

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Our Services

Because we work like a "lab", we know how to think outside of the box, regarding what is possible to do with the assets you own.
We are also a startup, developing our own products, so we know the challenges of turning ideas into actions.
Software engineering

We are fluent in various computer programming languages. As well as building our own systems from scratch, we also work with open source Framework & CMS platforms.

Mobile driven services

The rapid growth of mobile phone connectivity provides a unique opportunity for entrepreneur to drive innovation. Our engineers create rich native apps for every major mobile platform.

Responsive Design

We live in a multi-platform, multi-channel, and multi-device world. Let our interactive designers and developers bring interfaces to life.

Branding and illustrations

Our graphic design services ranging from but not limited to; print design, logo design, web design, brand identity, typography, advertising & more.

Accelerating business

Expanding, developing and creating value in a business is a process. We think about overall business strategy development and align startups with market needs.

Raising capital

We seek out venture philanthropists and social entrepreneurs like us, and provide assistance in raising capital, Business plan refinement, and Investor presentations.


An important aspect of our work is to connect startups to a wide variety of key people, experts, customers and more.

Office Spaces

Starting a company is solitary and challenging. Working side by side with other people going through the same challenges makes a huge difference. We provide beautiful collaborative workspaces.

Client & Testimonial

  • Everybody is creative. We create our own restrictions all the time. Use that creativity instead to destroy all limitations.

    Diane Audrey Ngako – CEO Omenkart

Our Works

We've helped starting a bunch of companies and worked on some nice projects.
You'll find a few of them here.


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Our office is open 9:00 am to 7:30 pm, Monday to Friday. Please feel free to contact us.
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4 Avenue Laurent Cely. 92600 Asnières Sur Seine. FRANCE
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    Logo Flip We are a group of entrepreneurs who are aware of the potential and tremendous leverage offered by information and communication technology (web , mobile, SaaS , hardware), especially in emerging markets.

    we aim to play a catalytic role through our projects and have the greatest impact. Learn more...